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These merchants trust Rakuten

„Rakuten gives me the direct customer contact, which is so important to me. That's how I can be successful from home.“

Kerstin Dörr
CEO KD Kosmetik

„ Our claim: We produce products with personality for small personalities. Therefore, our design team advises our customers extensively.“

Susanne Kelber
CEO Crepes Suzette

„Our online shop offers a feel-good character with a personal touch, which otherwise can only be found directly on site. This is possible because of the close cooperation with Rakuten.“

Juliane and Hubertus Wüllner
Owner of Wüllner-Bigges

Achieving more together

At the center of our daily work is the principle of empowerment. That is why we offer our affiliated dealers the best possible all-round service for your success in e-commerce. Since we can not provide all services ourselves, we have a broad network of competent agencies and service providers. The services of our partners complement the services of Rakuten perfectly. With these strong partners on the side, merchants can sell successfully on the internet. In our partner network you will find the right service provider for your needs. There you will find many providers in the various categories that you can contact directly.

Rakuten worldwide

In Japanese, Rakuten stands for ‘optimism.’  It means we believe in the future.

It’s an understanding that, with the right mind-set, we can make the future better by what we do today.

So we challenge ourselves to evolve, innovate and experiment
to create a better, happier future for everyone.

Today, our 70+ businesses span e-commerce, digital content, communications and fintech, bringing the joy of discovery to more than 1.2 billion members across the world.


Fee table

Foreign merchants

Our BASIC tariff is the perfect basis for a successful entry into online sales. With the low basic fee and transparent cost sharing, your account will grow to meet your individual needs.

Yearly BASIC fee
468 €*

Sales fee including payment processing costs

Reduced sales fee
For categories such as (Computers, Electronics, Cameras & Accessories, Tyres & Rims,
Household Appliances, Vehicle Sound Systems & Navigation**)
13 %*
Standard sales fee18 %*
Participation in Rakuten Super Points programme1 %*
Variable fees
Cancellation fee (only if merchant at fault)3 %*
Affiliate fee1 %*
One time fees
NOTE: The monthly BASIC fee of 39 Euro* will be charged yearly


German, Austrian, French and British merchants 

Monthly BASIC fee
39 €*

Sales fee including payment processing costs

Reduced sales fee
For categories such as (Computers & Software, Electronics, Cameras & Accessories, Tyres & Rims,
Household Appliances, Vehicle Sound Systems & Navigation**)
5 %*
Standard sales fee9 %*
Participation in Rakuten Super Points programme1 %*
Variable fees
Affiliate fee1 %*
Cancellation fee (only if merchant at fault)3 %*
One time fees
Setup fee (not applicable for annual billing) 49 €*


* all fees excl. VAT. Monthly BASIC fee can be paid yearly or monthly. If you choose monthly payment we charge a setup fee within the first 3 days and recurring monthly including setup fee. If you choose yearly payment we book the fee after the first 3 days. We book the fees by direct debit so your bank account needs the required coverage.


You need an entity in Germany or Austria to sell with the german fees. Merchants from the United Kingdom and France can also register with the conditions for non german/non austrian merchants.

You need a SEPA bank account where we can also charge the fees. On the bank account must be enough money to pay the fees and returns.

You need a german VAT and a return address in Germany, Austria, France or United Kingdom.

Non german/non austrian merchants can only pay the Base fees yearly. Payouts can only made monthly on the 15th after the 16day security pe

The basic fee includes payments for the provision of Rakuten marketplace services.

Invoicing the basic fee

The invoice is sent on the third working day after you register. The invoice amount will then be withdrawn by direct debit on the following day. The declaration of consent to the direct debit is given with consent to the terms and conditions.

Monthly or yearly billing

When registering, you stipulated whether the basic fee should be paid in advance on a monthly or yearly basis. The billing schedule (monthly/yearly) for the basic fees remains the same for subsequent contractual periods unless you inform your contact in writing (e.g. by sending an email to that you wish to change this for the forthcoming contractual period. Notice must be given in good time (at least one week before the end of the contractual period).
Set-up fee for monthly payment
The set-up fee applies to monthly payment. It does not apply if you decide, when registering, to opt for annual payment.
Register additional Rakuten shops
For every additional online shop run under the same company name, a reduced monthly basic fee of €9* applies. The one-off set-up fee of €49* does not apply to annual payment in advance. If you have any further queries, please get in touch with your contact (

Contractual period

The contractual period is 12 months. It extends for another 12 months if it is not cancelled at least one month before the end of the contractual period.

Sales fees apply to order processing, including payment processing. Rakuten shall cover all payment processing for orders via the Rakuten system. This includes checking details, risk management, receivables management and payment guarantee.

Amount of fees

Sales fees are applicable for payment processing in line with the price plan for a sale on the final invoice amount (value of goods + delivery). Reduced fees are available for certain Rakuten categories.

Conditions of reduced sales fee

The reduced sales fee only applies to certain categories, which can be viewed in this CSV file. The reduction only applies if the products are sorted in the relevant last sub-category. For most categories, a valid EAN is required. Only then can reduced fees be calculated.

Invoicing the sales fee

You receive confirmation from Rakuten of the receipt of an order and the associated customer payment. Once the order has been approved, you can process and send it. Once you have informed the system that the order has been dispatched (confirmation of dispatch), the 16-day safety period (two days

delivery + 14-day cancellation period) begins. For this period, the sum stays in the escrow account. Once the safety period has elapsed, you will receive payment for the amount of the order, minus the sales fee.


You can choose the payment schedule yourself. Daily payments are preset as standard. You can opt for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments instead.

Rakuten Super Points are a key customer loyalty tool and secure customer trust within the Rakuten network. Rakuten and its merchants use Rakuten Super Points as a marketing tool in many campaigns on the shopping portal.

Automatic subscription

Every merchant automatically subscribes to the Super Points programme, in accordance with the terms and conditions. Subscription is obligatory and fees are collected based on the total euro value of each item.

Invoicing Super Points

The Super Points subscription fee is collected on a monthly basis as part of additional-fees invoicing at the end of the month.

The affiliate fee is collected for sales through advertising outside of the marketplace. This includes price search engines and product portals, newsletter marketing and the Rakuten partner programme. The aim is to generate the highest possible reach. If an order comes in via these channels, an affiliate fee is due for brokering the sale.

The fees on the final invoice amount shall only apply if a customer accesses Rakuten and/or your Rakuten shop via an affiliate channel and makes a purchase. The affiliate fee does not apply for the Rakuten PRO rate.

Invoicing the affiliate fee

The affiliate fee is invoiced as part of additional-fees invoicing at the end of the month.

With every order, you can see whether it came via an affiliate channel.

A cancellation fee applies to cancellations on the part of the merchant.

Calculating the cancellation fee

The cancellation fee is only collected if the merchant cancels for reasons of its own making.

This includes services that are not provided or not provided in line with the contract e.g. delay in delivery, unavailable goods, etc. In this case, Rakuten calculates a cancellation fee based on the final invoice amount.

In case of cancellation, sales, affiliate and cross-border fees and Super Points subs are not collected.

In the event of a return owing to cancellation by the customer, the following fees are paid:

  • Sales fee
  • Affiliate fee
  • Super Points subscription fee

based on the return amount.